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Play for free

All games can be played free of charge for 60 minutes.

There are no costs or fees for the audition!

A free download link is provided with each game in the "Downloads" tab.
If you like the game, you can buy a serial code / key to activate the game permanently.

Buy Serial Code / Key

Once you have chosen a game and successfully completed the
payment process, you will receive an email with your order

This mail contains a link to the free download of the game.

As soon as your payment has been confirmed by your financial
institution, you will receive your serial code/key from us
in a second e-mail.


Each game is delivered with a serial code/key, which is basically
is infinitely usable.

Therefore, it is always possible to reactivate an activation at any time.
to undo (deactivate) it.

If an absolute coincidence or mishap should cause the deactivation of the
forgotten or by the installation/update of another
operating system (e.g. Win10) an improper intervention in the registry
the possibility has been created to use the same Serial
code/key multiple times (but max. three times).

Input Serial/Key

The serial code/key will be delivered by mail.

Select the serial code/key and copy it to the clipboard.
(Press the keys CTRL+C or right mouse button "Copy")

Then select the input field in the copy protection mask and paste
the key.
(Press the keys CTRL+V or right mouse button "Insert")

Of course you are free to enter the serial code/key manually.

Virus scanner and firewall

Occasionally products of the company Symantec (Norton) and Bitdefender are
incorrect in virus detection.

Your virus scanner will then display a "false positive" message and will block
a virus-free game.

Here the manufacturer of the virus scanner can help you. This explains
step by step what you need to do.

The company Symantec was so kind to us on request the following help for
to our customers:

...referring to our last conversation, I send to you
the attached solution for the problem you are experiencing with your
Norton product.

The document to send data to Symantec for re-validation is

the German document reads

Norton users who have had their software removed can download the file such as
Restore follows and exclude from scans

- You will open the user interface of the installed Norton Security.
- Click Security
- Click on History
- Select in the history menu Resolved vulnerabilities
- Click on the removed file and then on More details at the bottom right.
- In the next window, there is the option Restore and
Add Scan Exclusions.

Language Versions

Most games are delivered multilingual.
The languages German and English are always included.

For some games the language packs have been separated!
In these games, each language is used separately (individually) for the
Download offered.

For versions with individual language packages, please make sure that you have
choose the right language before ordering!

The Serial Code/Keys only work for the
purchased packages and languages.